When is the Best Time of Year to Open a MedSpa Franchise?

When is the Best Time of Year to Open a MedSpa Franchise?

If you have been thinking of opening a Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center medical spa franchise, and you’re geared up and excited and quite sure you’re going to do this, you may be wondering when the best time of the year is to do it.

As it turns out, it was yesterday. Yeah. Sorry. Gee, of all the luck. But don’t worry. In 364 days, it’ll be the optimum time again to do the grand opening for your medical spa business. (Yes, we kid. We do that sometimes around here.)

Actually, we could argue that every day of the year is a pretty good time to open a MedSpa franchise, but given human nature, and how people feel throughout the year, we do have some suggestions on when to open your medical spa and marketing thoughts to consider, depending on the season.

Best Time To Open a MedSpa Franchise

The best time: January

As you can imagine, this is the time of year when men and women are looking in the mirror and seeing themselves as another year older and sometimes cringing. It’s also a time when we’re all making resolutions, and some of us even keep them, and so you’ll be capitalizing on all the go-getters and resolution makers. If you’re looking for a time to open a medical spa, this is an excellent month. A lot of people want to make fresh starts, and this is a time of the year when many customers make their first visit ever to a medical spa.

Also the best time: the spring

But this period, too, is a pretty safe bet to open a medical spa franchise. People are tired of the winter. They’re going outside. Because they’re outside, they feel better, but they’d like how they look to match how they feel. So during a period on the calendar of renewal and rejuvenation, you can market to your community that this is their chance to feel renewed themselves – and to get rejuvenated. It’s just a time of year when it simply makes a lot of sense to open a Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center medical spa franchise.

But the summer isn’t a bad time either

You have to open sometime, right? And while it’s a shame you didn’t jump in a little earlier and grab all of the consumers who are looking to start the year off right, or the people who want to do some spring cleaning on themselves instead of their homes, summer is a great time to jump right in. Kids are off school, and many parents have slightly more relaxed schedules, even if they’re still working at full speed. So, your potential customers feel like they have more time to devote to themselves – but more importantly, they also have a lot of incentive to get treatments at a medical spa during the warmer months.

This is a time when men and women are outside in their summer clothing and looking tan and rested – and it’s a time when we all can’t help but look at ourselves and others and start comparing ourselves to each other. (No, we shouldn’t do it, but alas, we do.). This is the season to wish you were looking as young as that dude on the surfboard or that babe in the bikini. It’s a very busy time for this industry, and so you’re likely to open at a time when customers are going to be very excited about visiting your new Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center.

Let’s hear it for autumn!

This really isn’t a bad time either. You might think that people stop going to medical spas about now, since the weather is getting colder, and people are putting on jackets and no longer going to the beach or the swimming pool. There’s some truth to that, but people who were doing treatments throughout the year don’t suddenly say, “You know, I’m tired of looking and feeling great. I think I’ll stop this nonsense for a few months.”

And you also attract a large segment of the public who wants to look their best for the family dinner table at Thanksgiving and all of the festivities during the holidays. Yeah, there’s a pretty good argument for opening your BHRC medical spa in September or October, right about the time people are thinking about their Aunt Mabel commenting over the mashed potatoes that, “Gee, you look a little rundown, and look at those circles under your eyes. Are you getting enough sleep? And when are you going to make your parents grandparents?”

Plus, by opening around this time, you’ll be in full swing and ready for all the people who give and get medical spa treatments as holiday gifts – and you’ll certainly be prepared for the onslaught of New Year goal-setters in early 2020.

So, look, maybe there’s no best time or worst time to open a MedSpa. Maybe, like they say, there’s no time like the present. Or the future. What you don’t want to do is someday look at the past and wish you had opened a medical spa.

Speaking of, if you’re interested in learning more, click here to see how you, too, can take advantage of the rapidly growing medical spa industry.

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