Why It’s Important (and Not Expensive) to Hire a Medical Director for Your Spa Franchise

Why It’s Important (and Not Expensive) to Hire a Medical Director for Your Spa Franchise

If you’re thinking of buying a medical spa franchise – well, let’s not be coy – if you’re thinking of buying a Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center franchise, you need to have a medical director.

After all, you wouldn’t build a school and not hire a principal. You wouldn’t own a swimming pool without a lifeguard. When you run any sort of business or organization, whether it’s a Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center or not, and whether the stakes are high drama or fairly low, somebody needs to be in charge.

Fortunately, hiring a medical director doesn’t have to be as expensive as you probably think it is.

Why you need a medical director

Why having a medical director is important. There are numerous reasons why you could argue that a medical director is necessary, but we’ll focus on two:

Your medical spa will be safer

This is so obvious that we won’t spend much time on this point. As noted, somebody must be in charge. Even though these procedures are, compared to brain or heart surgery or setting a broken leg, relatively uncomplicated, they are medical procedures. You’re improving the circulation of patients’ blood vessels and offering hormone replacement therapy, just as a couple examples. Again, it isn’t exactly a coronary artery bypass, but this isn’t a facial either (unless we’re talking about a Hydradermabrasion facial treatment).

If you don’t have a medical director overseeing patients, a minor problem could become a major one. It’s that simple.

The law requires a medical director. Every state is different in what they require for a medical spa and who should lead it, and who owns it, but generally, you can’t get away without a medical director. Nor would you want to (see the point we just made about efficiency and the potential for small problems to become big ones). In some states, like Illinois, for instance, medical spas must be 100 percent physician owned. In other states, the medical spa director must have training in medicine but doesn’t necessarily need to be a doctor. In any case, somebody is required to be your medical director.

Why having a medical director may not be as expensive as you might think

What you pay your medical director is up to you – and you may feel that it’s important to pay top dollar. We can’t argue with that.

But you don’t necessarily have to pay a medical director a physician’s salary.

For instance, in some states, a nurse practitioner can be your medical director. Depending on the state laws, you might be able to hire a retired physician who doesn’t have to be on the premises every day – but does review the charts, of course.

Or, of course, you might take on the role of medical director, assuming you’re a doctor – and being the medical director won’t stretch you too thin. For instance, maybe you’re looking to scale back with your own practice.

Now, you may ultimately conclude that there’s no way around it: you do need to pay a competitive salary for your medical director. But that’s not such a bad thing either. It just means that you get what you pay for. A qualified, competent medical director is only going to make your medical spa run better and become more profitable. As you know when you see your patients eat better, exercise and invest in themselves by treating themselves well, you take care of your body (or in this case, medical spa), and it will take care of you.

But we hope you won’t automatically assume that you can’t afford a medical director for your medical spa. As you know from treating your patients, and the beliefs that they come into the exam room with, assumptions are often wrong. But we are sure that hiring a medical director for your BHRC is a good idea. As the saying goes, it’s just what the doctor ordered.

And speaking of just what the doctor ordered, click here to see how you, too, can take advantage of the rapidly growing medical spa industry.

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December 6, 2018
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July 6, 2021


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