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Charmaine Arnaud

Practice Director & Nurse Practitioner

Charmaine became an RN in 2002 and first worked in telemetry at the UCLA Ronald Reagan Hospital in Westwood. Further in her career prior to Aesthetics included a senior manager position for a nurse registry, field supervisor for home health, and a circulating and pre/post-op nurse in plastic reconstructive surgery. In 2009 she came across an ad for Botox in a nursing journal and soon after earned cosmetic certifications for fillers, neuromodulators, and light-based procedures. Since then she discovered the non-surgical aesthetic world to be her niche in nursing.

Since 2009 Charmaine has been injecting and providing unparalleled care in aesthetics. By end of 2011 she joined the original BHRC-LA location where she is one of the longest running employees of BHRC. With her extensive experience, attention to detail, and unique ability to deliver patient satisfaction, her patient retention is unmatched.

Charmaine believes that beauty is a natural part of a healthy outlook and feeling confident and strong, a key element in integrated wellness. She is aware that people are paying for provider expertise more so than just the products and machines themselves and therefore values life-long continuing education and continuously attends trainings to stay up to date. Charmaine works closely with current aesthetic technologies and FDA-approved fillers and neuromodulators and exercises aesthetics as a luxury art instead of just a service.

What resonates heavily with Charmaine are the working relationships she has developed with her patients, and her interests lie in how she can achieve optimal outcomes with holistic and realistic considerations. She is committed to delivering artistic excellence in aesthetics and overall wellness, within a safe and ethical framework.

Charmaine is a native of Montréal, Québec but for now enjoys the warmth of LA with her Tahitian husband. She is a nationally certified Nurse Practitioner and the Director of Practice at Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center Los Angeles. She is excited to work with you and your aesthetic goals and can be reached directly at  

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