5 Reasons HGH Is Essential To Your Health

HGH is the Human Growth Hormone. It’s a hormone people have from birth, and it impacts how they grow. As adults, this hormone continues to work to help maintain weight, enhance metabolism, and do much more. Unfortunately, production of HGH declines as people get older.

Located in the pituitary gland at the base of the brain, this hormone travels throughout the body doing good deeds. It has a big impact on how you look and feel and is an essential part of your health. Here are five reasons why.

Improved Metabolism

HGH helps stimulate the metabolism to keep your energy up and to improve weight loss. A person with a higher metabolism usually finds it easier to lose weight and keep it off. They burn more calories even when at rest.

The hormone assists in breaking down fat cells so that you can use them as energy. It also helps regulate your production and use of glucose to ensure it stays in the normal range.

Improved Bone Density

Another way HGH improves your health is by increasing your body’s ability to retain calcium. Calcium makes bones stronger and prevents them from breaking when you fall.

HGH helps to increase muscle mass because it improves the metabolism of protein, so they body can use it. Protein in turn increases the body’s ability to absorb more calcium and deposit it into the bones to make them stronger.

Improved Immune System

Research has begun to suggest that the human growth hormone is also responsible for helping keep the immune system strong. The body is made of many types of cells, which often decline as people age. One type of cell fights off sickness from bacteria and viruses, which is what allows a person to get a cold or other illness.

Another kind of cell is known for killing abnormal cells it finds in your body. These cells can become cancer or other serious and terminal illnesses. The fighter cells attack and kill off those potentially deadly cells. As a person gets older, the number of fighter cells often goes down. Some studies have shown that when HGH is given to the person, the number of fighter cells increases. This information indicates that the person may have a lower likelihood of developing certain illnesses and diseases with a higher level of HGH.

Improved Fitness

One of the primary reasons many people take HGH supplements is because of its benefits on fitness. Because of the impact of HGH on protein, it causes the body to need more which enhances muscle mass. At the same time, the hormone uses up fat cells to provide energy for the body, which reduces the amount of fat stored. This results in a person who is less fat, more muscle.

As HGH levels decrease, the person is more likely to gain weight and lose muscle mass. They will become weaker and have lower energy levels, which means they will feel less like working out to maintain their health.

Improved Organ Function

Several studies have been conducted on how HGH helps with organ function. While still in the research stage, information indicates the hormone may have positive results. Data is inconclusive in many areas, but findings are promising for the use of HGH to help maintain organ health.

Organs which have been studied include the heart, kidneys, and liver. The view is that HGH causes other cells to be produced or to increase production in these organs and other areas. The new cells replace old ones, which enhance the function of the organ.

It has been suggested that HGH could potentially be an alternative to organ donation if no donor is available and if the condition is treated soon enough. While it hasn’t been proven as fact, the early studies show promise for the future.

It’s important to note that many companies tout the benefits of HGH to sell their products, which are synthetic replacements of the hormone. It’s important to always talk to a medical professional before trying any products not approved by the Food and Drug Administration or prescribed by a doctor.

The human growth hormone has been recognized for its ability to impact the health and lives of children and adults alike. With more research, scientists may discover even more uses for HGH, which will continue to provide improvements for those who need it through hormone replacement therapy.



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April 14, 2016
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