5 Secrets to Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men

Men in their mid-twenties and thirties enjoy their youth to the fullest. But, as they grow older, the changes in the body are sometimes depressing to many. Lack of strength, low libido drive, and fast aging are some of the signs which make one helpless. And, all this is usually due to shortage of hormones (testosterones in men). However, Biology offered the power to alter and remove those defects from the body. Hormone replacement therapy for men is one of those miracles of science where men can refill their lost testosterone levels in the body. Many are aware of the side effects of this therapy as well. But, that is usually faced when people are not aware of the appropriate time and process to execute it. In this post, you are about to learn the secrets to a successful HRT for men. So, let’s understand the various tips in brief.

Be aware of the health benefits due to HRT

Some of you might be aware that hormone replacement therapy for men reduces aging aspects. But, did you know that besides help with anti-aging, HRT also provides health benefits? The injection of testosterone in the body improves your health. But, this does require an optimum time.

For maximum benefits, the therapy should be planned when you have excellent testosterone levels in your body. Men in their mid-twenties can be considered ideal for it.

Do not avoid your testosterone prescriptions once you are on them

Many men think that once they have refilled their testosterone levels with the help of this therapy, the prescription can be stopped. But, it is important to know that using home replacement therapy for men will stop testosterone’s natural production in them. If you are using the prescriptions for over a month now, then it is better that you keep using it to avoid side effects.

These side effects include:

  • low libido drive
  • lack of energy
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • Even the testicles are more likely to shrink and soften which could depress you further. So, stick to them.

Make sure you get your testosterone levels checked before the therapy

Several men ignore the advice that it is prudent to get tested for testosterone levels before engaging in the hormone replacement therapy for men. Who knows that your lack of hormones was just a temporary behavior? But, recklessness to go for the therapy, and that too when the levels are unchecked, can be problematic. Your decision to go for this therapy should be carried out only when you are sure of your levels.

Avoid this therapy if you have chances of prostate cancer

As informed earlier, hormone replacement therapy for men can also induce side effects – and, some of these can be quite fatal. Men with symptoms of prostate cancer need to avoid this therapy as it can enlarge the size of the prostate leading to higher chances of cancer. So, if you already have cancer symptoms of any kind, it is better to stay on the safer zone.

Use it for building muscles

If you are a passionate bodybuilder, then you can go for this therapy. Just make sure you are properly checked, beforehand. Even if you are in your early-twenties, testosterone can be used for bodybuilding – but, go for it only if you are low on your testosterone levels.

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