5 Underarm Hair Removal Secrets The Stars Don't Want You To Know

Learn inside tips for underarm hair removal that even celeb’s don’t want you to know! Home remedies and professional services – we take a look at the best-of-the-best.

How to Remove Underarm Hair at Home?

Admit it – we have all taken the easy road and picked up that razor to get rid of armpit hair in a hurry.

Whatever your excuse, whether it was an act born out of haste or basic laziness to make that salon appointment, you have unknowingly wrecked havoc on your sensitive skin. Shaving is of course the most affordable and the quickest fix for that aesthetically displeasing underarm hair, however, it puts your skin under constant risks of ingrown hair, skin darkening and the graver peril of cuts and razor wounds.

So, if you have ever wondered about how to remove underarm hair without shaving, you’re in the right place. These best underarm hair removal tips have been compiled keeping every type of skin and allergies in mind, so you can rest assured they really work!

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1. Try Sugaring

The delicious caramel that sugar turns into when heated is not just a tasty treat, but also a very useful armpit hair removal alternative. Save up on those visits to costly professional spas and make a thick natural wax by mixing honey, sugar and lemon.

All you have to do is:

  1. Place the sugar, honey and lemon mix on a double boiler and let it reach a thick, wax-like consistency.
  2. Apply on your underarm, pat with a soft cloth or your hand and rip off the wax once it cools.

This natural wax removes hair as small as 1/6th of an inch and also helps lighten your skin.

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2. Use an Epilator

Epilators are electronic devices designed to gently grasp and pull out hair from the skin with the help of rotating blades. Although they may feel painful at first, epilators are great for neater, quicker, and more effective armpit hair removal.

Make sure the hair is not too long or it may get tangled up inside the epilator making it difficult to manage. Dab on some baby powder to ensure that your skin doesn’t get pinched by the epilator and move the device against your armpit opposite to the direction of hair growth. Apply some aloe gel to soothe and soften your underarms.

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3. Laser Hair Removal

Advanced laser hair removal is painless and maybe the best way to remove underarm hair without shaving. Invest in an incredibly safe and gentle armpit and body hair removal procedure like the Diolaze Laser Hair Removal which targets the hair follicle roots so that you get perpetually hair-free and fuzz-free soft, supple skin.

In just a couple of sessions you can get rid of unwanted body hair, razors and wax strips!

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4. Depilatory Creams

There is an abundance of good quality and reliable depilatory creams out in the market and you can rely on them for removing underarm hair. How to remove armpit hair using depilatory creams? All you have to do it is apply a small amount on your washed armpit and wash it off quickly.

These creams loosen the hair follicles from the roots just enough to let them slide away. A word of caution for those with overly sensitive skin – such creams may cause hyperpigmentation if left on the skin for too long.

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5. Electrolysis

Though costly, electrolysis can help you get rid of your underarm hair almost permanently if done by a good, professional electrologist. The session lasts for 15 to 60 minutes and the time naturally depends on how much hair you want removed.

Individual follicles of hair are destroyed in this session with the help of a chemical, needles or heat treatment, which is known to be a little painful and uncomfortable. Laser hair removal, like the one discussed above, is much more pain-free, safe and effective when compared to electrolysis.

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6. BONUS – Home Remedies

  • An egg and cornstarch mask works wonders for removing hair from underarms. Eggs are known for turning into a sticky texture on drying and cornstarch works best as a thickening agent. They work as a team to ensure that even the smallest and most stubborn hairs are pulled out. Apply this egg-cornstarch mix for a couple of minutes on your underarms for instant hair removal.
  • You could also use a milk and turmeric paste regularly on your underarms which proves greatly efficient for retarding hair growth whilst also lightening the skin tone.

Both these tricks are natural and efficient and made out of readily available kitchen ingredients.

Now You Know The Best Underarm Hair Removal Secrets Like The Pro’s!

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