5 Ways To Tighten Your Pelvic Floor Muscles

One in three women struggle with bladder leakage because of weak pelvic floor muscles. Women experiencing hormonal changes due to menopause, or pregnancy-related physical changes, are at a greater risk of suffering from this as well as pelvic organ prolapse. What’s the big deal, you may ask? Well, it turns out woman’s pelvic floor helps control her bladder, bowels, and even support her internal organs! A weak pelvic floor will affect other important bodily functions in unimaginable ways. Luckily, knowing how to make your pelvic floor muscles tighter can help you avoid this dreadful fate.

Here are five ways to tighten your pelvic floor muscles:

1. Kegel Exercises

Many women looking to answer the question, “Are you wondering how to tighten your feminine walls?”, begin with contracting and releasing their pelvic floor. This process is also known as kegels. Whether you’re in your car, at work, lounging around the house, or even on a date, kegels are great for feminine rejuvenation and can be done anywhere at any time! Most beginners contract and release their pelvic floor for four seconds at a time. As you progress, don’t hesitate to increase your contracting time.

2. Feminine Cones

If you find yourself having trouble with kegels and want to avoid feminine tightening surgery methods, feminine cones are also an option. Also known as a feminine weights, these cones are actually shaped like ovals and are packaged in sets increasing by weight. Once you insert your cone of choice into the feminine area, your job is to squeeze your pelvic muscles to keep the object in place. You should do this for fifteen minutes at least once or twice per day.

3. Squats

Research shows squatting properly can also strengthen the pelvic floor. To achieve the perfect squat and learn how to make your pelvic floor muscles tighter, begin with the following:

  • Stand with your legs shoulder width apart and make sure your heels remain planted on the floor to avoid injury.
  • Extend your arms straight out in front, or with your elbows facing forward. While your hands rest on your shoulders, slowly allow yourself to fall into a sitting position.
  • Remember, keep your heels planted on the floor and only squat as as if you’re sitting in a chair. Then slowly stand up and repeat.

4. Ben Wa Balls

Ben wa balls are also popular amongst women looking for ways to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. Smaller in size and much like feminine cones, ben wa balls are also inserted into the feminine area. Once inserted, the weight of the balls trigger the pubococcygeus (PC) muscles to contract, therefore helping keep the ball(s) in place. Vibrations from movement such as walking also stimulate muscle contraction. The recommended activity time is 15 minutes. Ben wa balls come in pairs and are available on a string for those desiring an easier retrieval process.

5. Exilis Ultra Feminine Rejuvenation

If none of the above options are ideal, try Exilis Ultra FeminineRejuvenation.  This treatment has a higher success rate than kegels, will restore your self-confidence and improve your comfort. Does feminine rejuvenation work, however? Yes! Exilis Ultra is designed to tighten feminine muscles and is a great alternative to surgical procedures. Each Exilis Ultra session lasts about 8 minutes and because the radio frequencies being used heat at a lower temperature, you’re at no risk of infection. This procedure will definitely help tighten your feminine area quickly and leave you with incredible results!

If you’re interested in feminine rejuvenation or are simply looking for additional information on how to make your pelvic floor muscles tighter, contact professionals at Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center. With over a decade of business and five-star reviews, they’ll take excellent care of you! Give them a call today at (888) 292-6315 or check out their website to schedule a consultation.

Have you tried any of the above surgical or non-surgical feminine tightening procedures and exercises to tighten your pelvic floor muscles? Were you happy with the results? Leave a comment below and share your experience with others


Natalie Rayne
Original Post Date: 
August 20, 2018
Date Last Updated: 
June 27, 2022
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