6 Things You Never Knew About Laser Hair Removal

What is laser hair removal? There are a lot of false ideas out there surrounding laser hair removal, and most of these stem from outdated information. In the last twenty years there’s been tremendous progress in the technology of this beauty treatment making it safer, more effective, and less expensive.

The more that you learn about this fantastic way to get rid of unwanted hair, the more you’ll see why it’s becoming increasingly popular among women.

1 – Treatment appointments don’t take long

Smaller areas like under the arms generally take less than twenty minutes. Larger areas like the legs require longer appointment times, as does belly hair removal if it’s over a wider breadth of the skin. Keep in mind that with each appointment about 10% of the hair follicles are killed, meaning that treatment times in fact go down with each successive session.

The length of treatment will vary slightly depending upon your individual needs. In general it takes one session every four weeks for around six months in order get full results. That sounds like a lot, however once the course is complete there won’t ever be a need to spend time waxing or shaving again.

2 – You can still shave between treatments

Waxing and plucking are both big no-nos while undergoing laser hair removal, but you can still shave the areas that you’re getting treated. Waxing and plucking are a problem because they disrupt the natural growth cycle of the hair follicle. Laser hair removal requires a healthy, growing follicle in order to work well. Shaving doesn’t have the same effect on that portion of the hair that waxing or plucking does.

Prior to a laser hair removal appointment, shaving is actually encouraged – even on the day of. That’s because shaving off the hair exposes the follicle to the laser, making the treatment more efficient.

3 – Skin tone and hair color don’t matter much

Hair removal was most effective when the hair was darker and the skin was lighter with earlier incarnations of this technology. The contrast between the two was the important part of the equation. It’s that contrast that allowed the laser to more easily detect and kill the hair follicle.

Advancements in the science of laser hair removal are greatly improving the way that the process works. Ten years ago people with lighter hair or darker skin were not eligible for effective laser hair removal. Today nearly everyone can benefit fully from the treatment, regardless of skin or hair tone.  Nearly everyone sees a marked reduction if not a complete removal of hair present after a course of laser hair removal treatments, no matter what their skin tone or hair color.

4 – There’s less pain than with waxing

Perhaps it’s the word “laser” that leads many people to assume that laser hair removal is a painful procedure. Laser therapy is actually less painful than waxing – 50% less according to women who have had both.

The level of discomfort associated with laser hair removal is minimal at worst for most patients. An experienced clinician can offer advice about reducing discomfort even further. One of the most compelling reasons for choosing laser hair removal is the lack of pain compared with other hair removal techniques. No more intense pain from wax yanking on hair!

5 – Laser hair removal is widely available

Treatment centers for laser hair removal are now available all over the country, and all over the world. Though initially this treatment was only available in a few cities, it’s now possible to get high quality laser hair removal in Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Centers near me.

More women are streamlining their daily cosmetic routine with permanent hair removal through laser therapy.  

6 –  Treatment is cost effective

When laser hair removal first hit the beauty market, a high expense was a hallmark of the procedure.  Advances in technology made this treatment increasingly affordable. Session costs are also spread out over time, allowing clients to spread out the cost.

Of course the biggest reason that the price of laser hair removal is worthwhile is because it’s a permanent treatment. With each session, hair becomes less and less visible until it’s permanently removed. No more paying for razors or waxing!

Choosing a provider

The key to having a great laser hair removal experience is all about getting a high level of expertise combined with the newest technology. The experts at Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center use intense pulsed laser light therapy, a more advanced and effective treatment than traditional laser therapy. This laser hair removal technique gets to the follicle on all skin tones and all hair colors, requiring fewer treatments.

For the best hair removal treatment currently available, look to laser hair removal. It lasts longer than other treatments, is more cost effective, and of course is permanent.


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November 25, 2016
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September 13, 2021


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