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Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center has always been focused on health & wellness. Putting our employees and clientele first, we have taken all precautions to do our part to flatten the curve. Though we have temporarily closed our facilities, we are still available for phone consultations,
and continue to service wellness and hormone client programs and prescriptions.

 These are unprecedented times, but we know, together we will come back stronger than ever.

Please click here to contact your local BHRC for up to date information.

We will be adding to this page frequently, helpful information on COVID19, & ideas on maintaining and accelerating your health during this unprecedented time.

thyroid and wellness support the trifecta of health on amazon

Thyroid and wellness support during home quarantine - Wondering about how to care for your thyroid, immune system and overall wellness? Learn more about the theory of BHRC’s successful wellness plans and what you can be applying at home today! Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Centers Founder Dan Holtz & renowned Gastroenterologist Dr Angie Sadeghi, MD, combine years of knowledge and experience to bring you personal insight and…

REGENERATIVE CELL THERAPY & CORONAVIRUS - NEW FROM BHRC’S REGENERATIVE CELL THERAPY PROGRAM: Mesenchymal Regenerative Cells Tested in the Treatment of Secondary Issues Related to Coronavirus Utilizing regenerative medicine technology with the administration of MSCs may help mitigate underlying COVID-19 associated lung damage. While this treatment is not a method to vaccinate nor cure the virus, the results reported in this publication indicate that…

COVID-19 Information & tips for safety during this time - Our top priority is the health of our patients and staff. It is with this mission in mind that most BHRC locations are temporarily closing in order to proactively follow the CDC’s guidance of social distancing and individual state mandates for businesses. We believe these measures will allow us to do our part in preventing the spread of…

Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center
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March 20, 2020
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June 22, 2022
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