Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

Beauty doesn’t have to be painful. Many people wonder – does laser hair removal hurt? The answer is not really. Though the procedure does involve some discomfort, the consensus from most of the people who have had the procedure is that it is far less painful than other methods of hair removal.

For people who are looking for a painless hair removal option, our laser hair removal services near you offers a real and permanent solution to the problem of unwanted body hair.

Pain Free Laser Hair Removal

There are a  few reasons that hair removal can hurt.

In the case of waxing, whether done with sugar or with paraffin, ripping the hair out by the root causes removal of the hair. The skin is filled with pain receptors, and waxing pulls on everything – not just the hair. That’s why its painful. Waxing in any form uses a substance to grab onto the hair outside of the body and then rips it out along with the root. The hair follicle is still there, which is why hair grows back after waxing.

Does laser hair removal hurt more than waxing? Nearly universally the answer is no. That’s especially true for men, for whom waxing creates even more pain. That’s because men tend to have coarser hair and thicker skin than women. Coarser hair and thicker skin make the hair harder to pull out. There isn’t the same difference in discomfort for men and women with laser hair removal. However coarser hair does require more treatment sessions than finer hair.

With shaving, the process can be painful due to frequency and trauma. The skin becomes injured during shaving, as tiny nicks and cuts damage the outer layers. That damage leads to infection in many cases. The tiny bumps that you see after shaving are actually indications of injury to the skin! Ingrown hairs are another serious problem that are associated with shaving. These unsightly visitors can also bring infection if left untreated.

Though laser hair removal works for the long term because it impedes the hair follicle’s ability to grow, it’s actually not very painful. That’s because the laser targets very specific areas. Unike shaving or waxing, which go after everything, laser hair removal uses technology to only take out the follicle, avoiding pain receptors for the most part. Laser hair removal remains nearly pain free with a professional who works from a place of experience in the process.

Which types of laser hair removal cause the most discomfort?

The coarser the hair, the more discomfort is associated with it during laser hair removal.

Does laser hair removal hurt Brazilian? Generally more than on other parts of the body as this hair tends to be coarser, but the discomfort is generally only mild.  It may take more sessions to remove coarser hair completely.

Does laser hair removal hurt on your face? Unilke the Brazilian area, the face often has fine hair that’s easier and less uncomfortable to remove through laser hair removal. Facial hair removal can be pain-free with advanced laser treatments. Though many people wonder is laser hair removal painful on face, you can rest assured that the discomfort is mild at best.

Does laser hair removal hurt on legs? For most people, the discomfort associated with laser hair removal on the legs is easily manageable. A quality professional will be able to mitigate the pain that comes with laser hair removal on the legs. They can do this by breaking up the area for hair removal into smaller, more manageable sections.

In fact, the short length of a laser hair removal session is one of reasons that discomfort tends to be so mild with this form of hair removal. Most people who’ve had the procedure done say that it feels like being flicked with a rubber band or pinched slightly, followed by a cooling sensation. Afterwards there is very little discomfort as long as the area is treated properly – kept out of the sun and away from harsh environments.

What’s been your experience with laser hair removal pain? Please share your experiences with us in the comments!


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