Otoplasty: Is This Ear Surgery Procedure Really Right For You?

Otoplasty, a form of ear surgery, can be used to improve the cosmetic appearance of the ear, in particular: the shape, position or proportion. Otoplasty can correct a birth defect or treat misshapen ears caused by injury – restoring confidence and self esteem.

So if you hate the look of your ears…

Have you heard of Otoplasty?

But if you’re thinking, “Is this ear surgery procedure right for me?”

Then let me clear the air for you…

What Is Otoplasty?

Otoplasty is the scientific name for ear surgery.

If you were born with:

  • A defect in your ear structure,
  • Naturally large ears (a condition known as macrotia
  • Unbalanced or disproportionate ears, or
  • Protruding ears on one or both sides of the face,

Otoplasty can help.

What’s Involved In The Procedure?

Otoplasty Ear Surgery

Image Credit: Prasad Cosmetic Surgery

Otoplasty is simple:

  • An incision is made around the back of the ear to correct the cosmetic defects present.
  • Internal incisions may be used to allow newly shaped cartilage to adjust properly and settle securely in the ear.
  • The incision is closed and recovery begins.

You can see results immediately, particularly if the ears were noticeably unbalanced or disproportionate to begin with.

And the results are life changing!

Why Use Otoplasty?

Having any deformed body parts – including your ears – will lead to a lack of self confidence and self esteem issues.

After all, nobody wants a set of elephant ears…

…and that’s where body contouring procedures such as Otoplasty can help.

Otoplasty before and after

Image Credit: Midwest Plastic Surgery

And while it’s not nearly as invasive or involved as many other facial reconstruction surgeries, there are other options to consider…

Are There Alternatives for Ear Surgery?


While the correction of cosmetic deformities has traditionally been served by surgical procedures, times are changing.

Non-surgical body contouring procedures are expanding their reach and can treat a wider range of body parts. Procedures like Ultherapy which is used with great success to sculpt the body and even injectable dermal fillers can be used to correct your looks – even around the ears."

Don’t Let Your Ears Keep You From Confidence

Procedures like Otoplasty ear surgery are sometimes the only way to improve your confidence and live a life you love.

Combined with a holistic approach to your health – looking at your health, fitness, skin care regimen, and hormone levels – you can achieve the body sculpting results of your dreams.

So why not start living bold TODAY with a simple body contouring procedure?


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