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Anni Lee

Registered Nurse

Years in the Aesthetic industry - My original nursing background is in Surgical Trauma
Critical Care and Rapid Response. I started falling in love with the aesthetics industry after receiving preventative treatments, like botox, at the age of 22. Eight years later, I am so grateful that I can help my clients increase their self confidence and quality of life through aesthetics. Ive used the past year to combine my critical care background with my experiences as a client in the treatment chair, to deliver the best results and experience for anyone who walks through the doors of BHRC.

Favorite thing about aesthetics - Growing up, I loved painting and sculpture. I also am such a nerd and love science. Injecting is truly an artform. I am able to combine my love for art and science every day at BHRC. I love educating my clients about anatomy and the science behind each treatmemt or product. As an Aesthetic Nurse Injector at BHRC, I am able to be a nurse, scientist, artist, and number one supporter of my clients who are trying to reach their aesthetic goals.

Favorite Treatment/s - Lip filler is the treatment that opened my eyes to the aesthetics industry. I'm able to be the most creative with lips and show my artistry.  After getting my lips done just one time, it increased my self-confidence and self esteem from the outside-in. I am a big believer in that if you look good, you feel good. Every treatment I perform, I have had done on myself. I love being able to give my clients my personal experience as a patient and a provider.

Fun fact (personal) - I love traveling, but mostly because I love trying new foods.

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