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Beeta Rahmani


With over a decade of academic education in Clinical Psychology and Medicine combined with 12 years of experience as a Nurse Practitioner, Beeta is exceptionally trained in a diverse range of aesthetics and cosmetic enhancements. She is a certified Allergan, Galderma, and Merz injector who specializes in various treatments. Beeta’s acquirement of numerous noteworthy certifications has allowed her remarkable work to stand out among many. Despite the continuous evolution of the field, her expertise has made her well equipped to keep pace with the latest industry standards. In addition to her creativity, Beeta bears an artistic eye that permits her to utilize the most advanced techniques and products to enhance the beauty of every patient. Her careful consideration of each client’s individual and personalized needs allows her to accomplish the utmost results.

As an adept injector, Beeta’s passion lies in her ability to restore her patients’ natural beauty while simultaneously reversing any visible aging signs. Her firm belief in properly and completely educating her patients is why she considers consultations the key to accomplishing patient goals. But Beeta’s deep-rooted passion spans much farther than her own work, she further possesses a great desire to share and spread her unique approaches. Beeta also works as an educator, she trains new nurses who are eager to learn the most efficient techniques and join aesthetic fields. In order to effectively teach her students, Beeta continues to take advanced anatomy and dermal filler courses to ensure she has learned the most adequate and up-to-date techniques. These include Dr. Arthur Swift’s in-depth course on Dermal Fillers and Neurotoxins, Julie Horn’s lips training program, and Dr. Durairaj Kay’s Dermal Fillers series. Beeta’s ultimate goal is to mature the skills of her students so that she may grant other nurses the ability to work autonomously as injectors.

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