Meet Dr. Daniel S. Reich MD, the Medical Director at our Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center Newport Beach, Valencia and Westlake Village locations.
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Dr. Daniel Reich, M.D.


Dr. Daniel Reich, known as Dr. Dan, is the Supervising Physician at Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center (BHRC) in Del Mar Highlands, Huntington Beach, La Jolla, Los Angeles, Newport Beach, Westlake - California, overseeing non-invasive services and treatments designed to restore that youthful appearance, heal lingering pain and help customers get healthy both inside and out.

BHRC Clients have 60 different services to choose from including the most advanced injectables, state-of-the-art lasers and the latest in technology. Dr. Dan and his team have the skills and knowledge to relax facial lines, restore the supple youthful tone and texture to the appearance of the skin and diminish age spots and pigmentation. They can also address stubborn areas of the body by freezing fat by 25% permanently; stimulate hair growth with the use of PRP; and treat urinary incontinence with vaginal rejuvenation, which also reduces laxity and increases sensitivity. Additionally, Dr Dan’s team of professionals offer laser hair removal and are known for being the best in Hormone Optimization.

Dr. Dan came to BHRC from the successful private practice he opened after completing his formal medical education. His education includes training in Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, and a residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology. “My patients were younger when I started my practice and as I matured so did my patients,” explains Dr. Dan. “When injectables were introduced to reduce the signs of aging, patients began inquiring as to safety and how they worked. When I first incorporated aesthetics into my practice my patients started requesting Botox. Back then, there were limited options to reduce frown lines and fill wrinkles.”

Today, his expertise covers a lot more than simply Botox, although he is an expert injector. Dr. Dan works closely with his team to address each patient as an individual, determining the specific needs they want to achieve as well as their desired results and goals. Working closely with the top three pharmaceutical companies allows Dr. Dan and his colleagues to bring new cutting-edge injectable techniques to Corona del Mar the moment they are available.

“My goal and the goal of the center is to make patients look natural and more youthful without looking like they had anything done,” explains Dr. Dan. “It is always gratifying to assist our patients not only in looking better but feeling better emotionally by improving their self-esteem.” Let Dr. Dan work his magic for you.

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