Facial Services

With a gentle touch, we can improve your skincare routine and give you that youthful look.

Our facials are painless ways to enhance the health of your

facial muscles without surgical methods like injections or laser treatments!


About Our Facial Services

You deserve to have a beautiful, glowing complexion. Your skin is the largest organ in your body and needs care just like any other part of you does. A facial treatment will help remove impurities from your pores, exfoliate dead skin cells, and hydrate your skin with moisturizers. It's a fantastic way to take care of yourself! Not only will you feel better after a facial, but your skin will thank you for it, too. Some benefits of regular facials are increased circulation, fewer breakouts, and smaller pores. So what are you waiting for? Book an appointment today and give yourself the gift of great skin!

Facial Service Treatments We Offer

Our Medical Grade Masks:

  • Biocellulose Mask
  • Casmara Mask
  • Collagen Mask

Our Medical Grade Peels:

  • Cosmelan
  • PCA Skin
  • SkinMedica
  • VI Peel

6 Reasons to Get a Facial Today

1. To Get an Expert Skin Analysis

The consultant sees your face with makeup if you ever buy skincare products. However, when you get a facial, the esthetician will see you without your makeup guise, and you'll subsequently reveal you're actual skin condition. This allows the esthetician to cater a facial to your unique needs and suggest the best cosmetic products to support your home skincare routine.

2. To Benefit from Professional Strength Exfoliation

Most facial treatments at BHRC include a form of exfoliation using ultrasound, bio abrasion, enzymes, or acids. Although some of these exfoliating ingredients will be present in your skincare products, you will experience these at professional strength during a facial.

3. To Get an Intense Clean

Professional facials use proper preparation and skin-softening techniques that gently extract clogged pores, blackheads, and impurities without causing harm to your skin. Unlike home care products, which can only help reduce clogged pores, our professional estheticians prepare and soften the skin before manual extractions to ensure you get the best clean possible.

4. To Get Maximum Hydration

Your skin needs hydration using water to survive. And to maintain healthy skin, it's essential to keep it topically hydrated. Even if you have oily skin, you need regular and adequate hydration using water, as adequately hydrated skin is healthy skin.

5. To Increase Circulation to Encourage a Natural Glow

Undoubtedly, your skin will visibly age when blood circulation slows. One of the critical ways facial treatments help restore a youthful appearance to your skin is by improving circulation to your facial skin layers. Increased circulation increases the flow of oxygen-enriched blood, giving your skin a healthy glow from the vital nutrients and water in your blood. This will encourage a youthful radiance and glow to surface in the face.

6. To Release Stress

Aside from the various skin benefits of facials, they are also extremely relaxing and de-stressing. That's because our facial massage treatments increase blood circulation in the facial muscles, and we use a variety of creams and aromatherapy oils that moisturize the skin, smell good, and relieve stress from your mind and body.

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