Laser Hair Restoration

Laser hair restoration treatments can give you back confidence and self-esteem because they

create a fuller head of locks with our innovative, painless methods for reducing thinning or

balding patches on the scalp.


What is Laser Hair Restoration?

Low-level laser therapy is a non-invasive treatment that uses the power of light to treat scalp wounds. The low levels of infrared rays penetrate your skin and stimulate healthy cells while encouraging hair growth!

How Does Laser Hair Restoration Work?

The theory behind laser treatment for hair loss is that low-dose laser treatments invigorate circulation and stimulation, which encourages more follicles to grow their way out. It's widely accepted as safe with tolerable side effects and less invasive than transplant surgery!

How Much Does Laser Hair Restoration Cost?

The price typically ranges from $400 to $3,500 for the initial treatments. Pricing depends on several factors, including the area you wish to have treated, the equipment used for your treatment, and your geographic location.

How Long Does Laser Hair Restoration Last?

Everyone's body reacts differently to Laser Hair Restoration, and many factors affect the length of time it takes to regrow your hair, including age, heredity, hormonal changes, medical conditions, nutrition, and stress. We typically observe positive results in 8 to 16 weeks, but individual results vary.

Laser Hair Restoration

Our Laser Hair Restoration treatment can repair damaged hairline and weak hair, eliminating balding patches and thinning hair. Permanently restore your full head of thick, lustrous hair with the treatment.

Stimulate Hair Follicles

Whether you are just starting to experience baldness or are in the most advanced stages of hair loss, laser hair restoration increases blood supply to the scalp, stimulates hair follicles, and stops the progression of hair loss. It restores fuller, shinier, and thicker hair with increased elasticity. For post-operative hair transplant surgery, laser hair therapy helps newly transplanted hair thrive and accelerates healing.

Some treatments can help restore hair loss, while others have harmful side effects or ingredients that irritate the scalp, causing dandruff, dry scalp, or allergic reactions. As with any medical treatment, it's essential to consider the possible side effects before undergoing treatment. Consult a specialist to inquire about known side effects of specific laser hair restoration products and those that best suit you.

Conditions laser hair restoration treatment

Laser hair restoration may be the perfect solution for you. This treatment helps the hair follicles grow thicker, stronger, and healthier. As a result, it can significantly improve the appearance and volume of your hair. And because it is a non-invasive procedure, there is no need to worry about pain or recovery time.

Areas laser hair restoration Treatment

This groundbreaking treatment stimulates hair growth and thickens existing strands, leading to a fuller head of hair. The procedure is quick and relatively painless, with visible results in as little as a few months. Plus, the benefits continue to improve over time.

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