CoolSculpting CoolAdvantage

CoolAdvantage is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to reduce pesky inches around their midsection and target those stubborn areas of fat!


What is CoolAdvantage?

CoolAdvantage is a non-surgical treatment that destroys fat cells in stubborn areas. The targeted fats are underneath the skin and above the muscle (pockets of pinchable). It has 0 downtime making it an easy choice for both men and women!

How Does CoolAdvantage Work?

The CoolAdvantage applicator is the newest and most effective way to reduce your treatment time by more than half. No longer do you have an hour-long process when using these devices, it will only take about 35 minutes! In addition, this new technology can also freeze fat at lower temperatures so that surgery no longer removes all of its energy from surrounding tissue.

How Much Does CoolAdvantage Cost?

The cost of a CoolAdvantage treatment widely depends on the area you are choosing to treat and the number of sessions you receive. Most sessions start at around $750 and go up from there.

How Long Does CoolAdvantage Last?

When fat cells freeze, they die and are then naturally eliminated through the body’s natural process. Don’t worry: This process happens so gradually, you won’t necessarily notice a difference in your day-to-day life. It is possible to gain weight after treatment if you don’t keep up your healthy habits.

About CoolSculpting CoolAdvantage

The CoolAdvantage CoolSculpting applicator makes liposuction obsolete for reducing belly fat. It both reduces fat and contours the abdomen to accentuate musculature, providing you with flat stomachs and sculpted abs. Each treatment session with the CoolAdvantage CoolSculpting applicator takes only 35 minutes to perform.

CoolAdvantage FAQ's

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