CoolSculpting CoolMini

CoolSculpting CoolMini

Are you tired of your chin full of fat or the roll on your bra that sticks out? The CoolMini treatment can help reduce these stubborn areas, like around the knees and neck.


About CoolMini

CoolMini is shorthand for a noninvasive procedure that targets fat under the chin. CoolMinni is the name of a CoolSculpting device designed specifically to freeze lipids and kill off cells to remove any signs or symptoms associated with "double chins."

CoolMini freezes fat cells to reduce fat under the chin. This treatment can reduce under-chin fat within months. The device is applied under the neck for one hour. One to three treatments give a dramatic improvement in neck fullness and double chin with few if any, side effects.

CoolSculpting CoolMini

Discover the Power of CoolMini at Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center

  • Specifically designed to target submental fullness, also known as a double chin
  • One of the best, fastest, and most cost-effective non-surgical methods available today
  • CoolMini was recently cleared by the FDA to improve the appearance of skin laxity around the chin and neck area
  • It uses controlled cooling to target and eliminate fat cells under the chin

CoolMini Before and After Results

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Client Testimonials

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"I had a great experience there. Botox and cool sculpting. Alex was super sweet and helpful. The cool sculpting really works!"

-Holly E.

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"Excellent customer service. Knowledgeable & friendly staff. Looking forward to my next appointment."

Charles C.
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"Love this place!!! BHRC is absolutely amazing! They have a ton of different services in a single office so they make it super easy. The staff was really friendly & the quality of the service is off the charts! Thanks."

Arman S.

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