CVAC Hypobaric Chamber

Improve physical vitality and recovery with our space-age CVAC hypobaric chamber technology. Repair your body’s cells, and boost your ability to perform and recover using cyclic altitude training.



The CVAC Pod has been used to stimulate the body's natural adaptation response. By using low-pressure (vacuum) environments, this pod will vary its density of air rhythmically and dynamically to help you adapt!


Unlike hypobaric chambers that work by increasing the air pressure in order to saturate the blood with oxygen and stimulate healing, the CVAC is based on the benefits created by constant and rapid pressure changes.


CVAC Hypobaric Chamber sessions start off at around $45 per session. We offer several multi-session packages. Contact us today to schedule your first regenerative session!


CVAC is intended for short-term effects and is more about improving overall fitness without the aggressive physical exertion often associated with an exercise regimen. Athletes have reported a gain in recovery, endurance, and power.

About CVAC Hypobaric Chamber

The CVAC hypobaric chamber is based on the scientific benefits of hypobaric hypoxia, a state in which a person experiences an oxygen debt. When the body is deprived of a sufficient supply of oxygen, it responds by producing a hormone called erythropoietin, which stimulates the production of red blood cells.

The hypoxic state is made possible by a sophisticated, computer-controlled pumping system which creates constant and rapid pressure changes within the CVAC pod. The barometric pressure is adjusted during your CVAC therapy session to simulate increases and decreases in altitude, that range from sea level to over 22,500 feet.

CVAC Chambers: Not Your Standard Hyperbaric Chambers

As far back as 1922, athletes have used hyperbaric chambers to increase performance and recovery. Hyperbaric technology was thought of as a key to the success of the first Everest expedition, as British climbers tested themselves in an Oxford University pressure chamber during their preparation.

Roger Bannister, the first man to break the four-minute mile, predicted that coaches would attempt to use low-pressure chambers in order to acclimate or train athletes artificially. His prediction soon became reality, with athletes worldwide recognizing the benefits of the body’s ability to perform atmospheric adaptation. Since then, those who have embraced this technology have reaped the rewards.

Who Can Benefit From CVAC Therapy?

CVAC sessions are accessible and beneficial for people of all sizes and fitness levels. While those who suffer from overwhelming fatigue or other physical limitations that hinder everyday lifestyle enjoyment will experience great improvement in vitality and energy, people who are already at peak physical fitness can also gain tremendous benefits from CVAC therapy.

CVAC therapy has been used by athletes to improve the efficiency of their fitness workouts and training regimen, to increase their power and endurance, and to improve their recovery time.

Tennis champion Novak Djokovic has experienced benefits from CVAC sessions, as has world renowned motivational speaker Tony Robbins.

CVAC pod Benefits

The CVAC pod is quite different from a hyperbaric chamber, both in its design and mode of operation. Firstly, a hyperbaric chamber session typically lasts much longer than a CVAC session, often an entire day, whereas a CVAC session need last only 20 minutes.

But most importantly, CVAC sessions differ in the methods by which they produce effects on the body. The environment inside a CVAC pod is dynamic and constantly varied, based upon a low-pressure atmosphere with fresh air being pumped in and out throughout the session. Conversely, traditional hyperbaric chambers replicate a static environment that is both high-pressure and high-oxygen, typically set to simulate conditions between 8,000 and 10,000 feet elevation.

The CVAC Process: Improve Your Body, Effort Free

If you’re looking for increased stamina, better recovery time after workouts, improved sleep and overall endurance, then you need to consider the process. Developed over 30 years ago, the Cyclic Variations in Adaptive Conditioning process utilizes changes in air pressure to improve your overall fitness without the physical stresses of traditional exercise.

With applications for wellness, athletic performance and medicine, the process adapts your body to various rhythm-based changes, stimulating your body’s natural environmental adaptation response. What does that mean, and how can it help improve your body?

By cycling your body through various changes to pressure, temperature, and air, the procedure teaches your body to improve its adaptation response to stressors. It can help improve responses to resistance exercise, adaptation to high altitude, temperature, barometric pressure and more, and provides conditioning in all these regards without requiring any exertion on the part of the participant.

Simply: it can enhance your ability to exert yourself physically by conditioning your physicality through strategic changes in pressure, air, temperature, and more. These are changes that one could experience through weeks of conditioning through strategically planned runs or other types of workouts, but the it allows for this conditioning to take place with no exertion necessary.

The  process takes place in the CVAC Pod: a comfortable, single occupant chamber in which a participant sits during his or her treatment. Each participant’s response to the pressure changes is unique, but on the whole, the process increases the participant’s ability to adapt to various physical environments.

Who couldn’t benefit from improved fitness?

No matter your level of physicality—from Olympian to couch potato—the therapy can help improve your physicality. Users have reported increased stamina, enhanced athletic performance, better quality sleep, and improved feeling of alertness and mental acuity. With the machine, you can accomplish all these achievements with no effort necessary.

Improve your gym life and invest in your body: The Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Centers are among the few health centers that provide the opportunity to use the machine and transform your physicality.

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