Kybella For Chin Fat Reduction

Say goodbye to your double chin! Remove that stubborn fat from beneath your chin with non-surgical Kybella injections. Used in combination with our range of premium aesthetic services, you can create the sculpted body of your dreams – no plastic surgery required.


What is KYBELLA®?

KYBELLA® may be a perfect solution if you are unhappy with the fullness under your chin that won't go away no matter how much weight you lose. The FDA-approved medication destroys fat cells in the treatment area, allowing for lasting changes to take place and an improved profile!

How Does KYBELLA® Work?

Deoxycholic acid is a bile acid, naturally produced by your body to help absorb fat. Kybella injections use a synthetic form of this as an injection. Once injected, the acid destroys fat cells beneath the chin area so it can't store any more fat and you'll be able to get rid of that double-chin without surgery!

How Much Does KYBELLA® Cost?

One vial of Kybella typically costs around $600, but some centers offer discounts when purchasing multiple vials. Every patient requires a different amount of vials for preferred results- so make sure to ask your expert what the best course is for you!

How Long Does KYBELLA® Last?

Your provider will choose several Kybella injection sites in the desired area. The process is then repeated 1-3 months later. Users report noticeable results after 12 weeks with the maximum effects being seen in up to 6 months or more. The time frame depends on how many sessions are needed but are reported to be very long-lasting!


If you're looking for a way to improve your profile and get rid of stubborn fat cells, Kybella may be the proper treatment. Kybella is the only FDA-approved injectable treatment that destroys fat cells in the treatment area under the chin, resulting in a noticeable reduction in fullness. The active ingredient in Kybella is deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring molecule that helps break down and absorb dietary fat. During your treatment session, your provider will carefully inject Kybella into the desired area. Over the next several weeks, the fat cells will be destroyed and eliminated from your body. You may need multiple treatment sessions to achieve your desired results. But once the fat cells are gone, they're gone for good! So if you're ready to say goodbye to your double chin and hello to a more youthful profile, schedule a consultation with Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center today.

Conditions KYBELLA® Treats

Kybella, a drug originally used for the treatment of gallstones, now has an entirely new use - fighting back against your own body's natural production of fat and water. By injecting Kybella into unwanted areas below the chin (submental area), this medicine will help dissolve that subcutaneous fat and reduce swelling in these treated areas by half!


Areas KYBELLA® Treats

Kybella is a treatment that is mostly used to remove fatty deposits from the chin. It can also target fat under the jawline.


Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center is proud to offer KYBELLA treatments to our clients. KYBELLA is a safe and effective way to improve the appearance of submental fullness, or "double chin." The active ingredient in KYBELLA is deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring molecule that helps break down and absorb dietary fat. When injected into the fat beneath the chin, KYBELLA destroys fat cells. As a result, the treated area becomes noticeably thinner and more defined. Most patients see visible results after two or three treatments, and the effects are long-lasting. If you're unhappy with your double chin, Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center can help. 

We understand that everyone has their own unique beauty goals. That's why our staff is specially trained in KYBELLA, a treatment that can help to improve the appearance of your chin and jawline. KYBELLA is a minimally-invasive treatment that uses injections of synthetic deoxycholic acid to break down fat cells. The result is a more defined chin and jawline, giving you a more youthful appearance. And because the treatment is minimally-invasive, there is no need for surgery or recovery time. So if you're looking for a way to help achieve your beauty goals, come to Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center and ask about KYBELLA. We'll be happy to help you achieve the look you desire.

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