Lift Your Upper Eyelids With Upneeq

If you're looking for a safe and effective way to quickly lift your upper eyelid from acquired blepharoptosis, look no further than Upneeq. This FDA-approved eyedrop is proven to work quickly, and it's the only prescription drop on the market that can be taken just once a day!


What is Upneeq?

UPNEEQ® (oxymetazoline hydrochloride ophthalmic solution), is an FDA-approved prescription eye drop proven to lift upper eyelids in adults with acquired blepharoptosis (also known as low-lying lids).

How Does Upneeq Work?

Upneeq Directly activates α-adrenergic receptors in Müller’s muscle (a structural muscle that functions to maintain the elevation of the upper eyelid), stimulating contraction and elevation of the upper eyelids in adults with low-lying lids.

How Much Does Upneeq Cost?

Upneeq costs anywhere from $260 to $500+ depending upon how much you order and how you have it shipped to you.

How Long Does Upneeq Last?

Upneeq can make you look and feel years younger. Visible improvements from Upneeq are typically seen within 15 minutes of application, and results have been shown to last for up to 8 hours!

About Upneeq

If your eyes look “tired” or “sleepy,” you may have a condition called acquired blepharoptosis (also known as acquired ptosis or low-lying lids). Significantly improves upper field of vision. In clinical trials, Upneeq helped patients with acquired ptosis see more—on the first day of treatment!

  • 87.8% of patients had some level of improvement
  • 40.8% of patients had at least a 50% improvement on Day 14 (2 hours after applying Upneeq)

Conditions Upneeq Treats

Acquired ptosis (low-lying lids) is a common condition that affects adults of all ages but occurs more often with increased age. It usually occurs when the muscles in the eyelid stretch and weaken, causing the lid to droop. It may also be caused by other issues, such as cataract surgery, contact lens wear, or an underlying medical condition. In addition to affecting your appearance, low-lying eyelid(s) can also impact your eyesight by reducing your field of vision. Low-lying lids may lead to issues with Day-to-day functioning such as:

  • Reading
  • Driving
  • Computer use

It can also affect your Appearance such as:

  • Looking tired
  • Asymmetrical eyes
  • Cosmetic concerns

Upneeq FAQ’s

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Does Upneeq affect vision?

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What should I tell my doctor before getting Upneeq?

How To Apply Upneeq

Upneeq should only be used as directed

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