5 Simple Ways To Answer Your Burning Question: How To Get Rid of Acne?

You may choose to call it a zit, a pimple, or acne, but it will remain equally annoying and embarrassing. You may be the most hygienic person in the world, but if you still find yourself searching for ways and answers for how to get rid of acne, then don’t you worry.

Acne is a normal skin condition that manifests itself in the form of inflammatory red peaks on your soft skin and is totally curable.

But we understand how miserable they make you feel and how much you think of them as a curse, and that is why we have listed down very simple and natural solutions for you to try without indulging in expensive medications and routines. So, stay calm and read on without popping that zit on your cheek.

1. Ice Ice Baby

Trying to press and pop out acne is frankly irresistible, but it will do you more harm than good. In an effort to suppress that pesky peak, you are indirectly damaging your own skin by pushing the bacteria further down your pores.

At times like these, ice is very effective in reducing redness, pain, swelling and inflammation surrounding your pimples. It removes the dirt and tightens the skin pores so as to increase blood flow and get rid of the accumulated oil. Simply wrap up an ice cube in a piece of cloth and hold it against your zits.

2. Where is that Aspirin?

You sure have some Aspirin always lying around and they are as effective against acne as they are against headaches. This is a really quick and cheap fix for reducing acne and Aspirin certainly works.

  1. Mix 3 parts water with 1 part Aspirin. You could alternatively add some yogurt or honey too.
  2. Once it reaches a paste-like consistency apply it on your pimples with the help of a Q-tip.
  3. Let it harden up and turn flaky. Wash off your face and moisturize well.

3. Aloe Vera Gel is Your BFF

Aloe gel works like a charm for almost every skin woe, so its appearance on this list of how to get rid of acne is no surprise! It works threefold to fight against your acne issues – it removes oiliness, lowers inflammation and soothes and cools your skin.

Choose to buy some of this gel from your local drugstore, an organic market or make some of your own by simply cutting into an aloe leaf. Getting rid of acne is a minimal effort with this hack.

4. Garlic Will Scare That Acne Away

You may not want to get garlic or its smell anywhere close to your face, but just listen in…

Garlic is a natural, plant-based antioxidant, which means it possesses antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. By consuming more garlic in your diet or by applying a peeled clove of it on your skin, you can prevent and reduce the occurrence of acne. Including garlic in your diet plan helps purify your blood stream which eventually means lesser chances of breakouts.

However, if your skin is sensitive and the garlic burns a little the first time, then you can probably try crushing a clove and mixing it with some water before applying.

5. Give Natural Oils a Try

Coconut, rosemary, jojoba and tea tree oil have been around for years and have proven, time and again, their natural efficacy in how to get rid of acne and inflamed skin. Topical application of these oils encourages the elimination of bacteria and the abundance of vitamin E and minerals enriches and moisturizes the skin.

Coconut oil is the most inexpensive option here and the lauric acid that it contains eventually leads to prevention and destruction of microorganisms from the surface of your skin.

The Most Useful Tip on How to Get Rid of Acne

There are a dozen natural ingredients and remedies like potato juice, baking soda, lemon juice, etc. that could keep acne away from your skin. However, none of them can keep your skin from turning into a breeding ground for acne unless you start checking the food you eat and the amount of sleep you get. While skincare options like facials and medical grade peels for acne removal are highly effective short-term remedies, positive and seamless lifestyle changes like drinking more water, eating a well balanced diet and exercising regularly are essential for getting rid of acne forever.


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