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PRP Therapy

Medspa Treatments for Your Body 

Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center's medspa treatments are the perfect option if you're looking for an indulgent and refreshing way to treat your body and upgrade your beauty regimen. With advanced, state‐of‐the-art technology and experienced medspa professionals at the helm, our facility offers various treatments with proven results.

Body Treatments

From laser skin resurfacing to body sculpting, they have something to enhance your beauty while providing lasting health benefits.

Laser Treatments

  • PRP Hair Restoration Injections - PRP injections offer men a promising solution to battle against male pattern baldness, as they can stop further hair loss and encourage new growth. Moreover, PRP is beneficial in aiding the success of hair transplants by stimulating additional regrowth.
  • Co2 Laser - CO2 laser resurfacing is a revolutionary technology that can help you make your skin look younger and healthier! This treatment uses precise beams of light to eliminate the top layer of damaged skin, allowing new cell production to take its place. This process addresses common cosmetic issues like wrinkles or acne scars and may also have life-saving side effects by removing potentially harmful cancer cells.
  • CoolSculpting CoolSculpting is the perfect choice for those looking to rid themselves of unsightly fat in areas that are notoriously difficult to slim down. This revolutionary cosmetic treatment utilizes a process known as cryolipolysis, which works by freezing and destroying unwanted fat cells without any instruments or anesthesia entering your body - making it entirely non-invasive!
  • CoolAdvantage - This innovative procedure by CoolSculpting uses freezing temperatures to decrease body fat without invasive treatments. It offers hope for anyone who has tried every diet, exercise routine, and more with no success.
  • CoolSmooth - CoolSmooth is a revolutionary hand-held device that helps you eliminate those persistent bulges in record time. No matter how slender your frame is, CoolSculpting with this remarkable applicator can help smooth out areas like the tummy, thighs, and flanks - giving you back confidence to look fabulous!
  • CoolPetite - A non-surgical way to eliminate stubborn fat without compromising nearby tissue. These powerful techniques break down the unwanted cells, with their effects lasting long after – your body will naturally banish them from existence forever!
  • CoolTone - With CoolTone, you can take your physique to the next level! Get ready for a more sculpted and toned figure - perfect for showing off your strength and confidence.
  • Diolaze XL offers one of the largest treatment spot sizes around, guaranteeing fast and efficient patient sessions. With its efficacy, patient comfort, and speed, DiolazeXL stands out as a leader in providing safe yet effective options to eliminate unwanted hair.
  • Evolve Tone and Transform You can revolutionize your body and ward off cellulite with a non-invasive device that strengthens the skin for smoother results. Embrace transformative change today!
  • Evolve Tite - Evolve Tite is the cutting-edge solution for reclaiming youthful energy and enveloping your skin in vitality. It subtly rejuvenates aging features, so you can enjoy a refreshed visage without ever taking drastic steps!
  • Morpheus8 Body - Transform your body with Morpheus8 (M8) Body! This revolutionary radiofrequency microneedling technology is FDA-approved and provides profound tissue remodeling to tighten skin effectively, reduce the appearance of cellulite, liquefy fat deposits, and dramatically improve the tone and texture of your complexion.
  • Weight Loss Program - A revolutionary once-weekly injection, has been approved by the FDA for helping adults manage their weight. Its efficacy is highlighted by clinical trial results showing an average 15%-18% drop in body mass with no modifications to diet or exercise required! This remarkable achievement promises hope and progress toward healthier lifestyles around the world.

More About Your Body 

Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center is the premier destination for all your medspa needs. From body contouring to cutting-edge laser treatments, their expert team of professionals provides tailored procedures designed to enhance and revitalize your entire body. Whether you're looking to reduce wrinkles, restore volume, or address skin pigmentation and acne, they have the perfect solution to meet your healthcare needs. They understand that no two bodies are the same, so they provide individualized approaches to ensure your procedure lets you show off a healthier, happier version of yourself. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, why look anywhere else? Get the trusted help of Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center today!

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