The Complete Guide to Non-Surgical Butt Lifts

Injectables are now used for non-surgical butt lift treatments which can help enhance the shape of your butt, accentuate your curves, and achieve your desired look without the use of invasive surgical procedures.

Non-surgical butt lift treatments can help enhance the shape of your butt, accentuate your curves, and achieve your desired look without the use of invasive surgical procedures.

Ten years ago, breast augmentations were trendy and popular in American culture. Fast forward, and now butt lifts and lip fillers are the new “in”. Pop culture and reality TV promote large, round buttocks as the standard of female beauty in America.

There are many solutions to help you lift your butt. This guide will give you everything you need to know about the different types of butt lift treatments and offer solutions that will help reverse aging, increase volume, and improve shape.

What are Butt Lifts?

Buttock lifts are cosmetic procedures that improve the appearance of the butt. Butt lifts increase the size of the butt and improve its shape. Depending on the procedure, butt lifts can also add volume to the buttocks.

Research shows buttock augmentation treatments can be used separately or combined to achieve patients’ desired buttock shape.

There are a variety of reasons why people get butt lifts. They can be used to reverse the effects of aging or to improve physical appearance to adhere to today’s beauty standards.

Buttock augmentation is purely cosmetic. There are currently no medical reasons to perform buttock enhancement procedures.

Both invasive and non-invasive treatments exist for buttock enhancement. Keep reading for the differences in procedures and to see if butt lifts are right for you.

What are the Different Types of Buttock Enhancement Procedures?

What are the Different Types of Buttock Enhancement Procedures?

What are the Different Types of Buttock Enhancement Procedures?

Invasive vs. Non-invasive Procedures

There are various types of buttock enhancement treatments that you can choose from. These procedures and treatments all differ based on your needs.

The three types of butt augmentation procedures are:

  • Buttock Augmentation – Also known as gluteal augmentation, this procedure uses implants and/or butt grafting to improve the contour, size, and shape of the buttocks.
  • Gluteal implants – Silicone-filled devices that are surgically placed in the tissues of the buttocks
  • Brazilian Butt Lift – Also known as a gluteal lift, this procedure improves the shape and tone of the tissue in the buttocks that supports skin and fat in the surrounding area.
  • Fat grafting – Also referred to as a fat transfer, this technique transfers fat from one area of the body into the buttocks.
  • Sculptra Butt Lift – Also known as a non-surgical gluteal augmentation, uses Sculptra Aesthetic, an injectable, to stimulate the body’s natural production of collagen.
  • Sculptra – A poly-L-lactic acid filler, traditionally used as a dermal filler, contribute to volume restoration and skin rejuvenation in the buttocks.

Pros and Cons of Buttock Enhancement Procedures



Invasive treatment that requires outpatient surgery. Butt implants involve the surgical insertion of implants into a patient’s buttocks to create a larger, fuller rear end.

Invasive buttock augmentation procedures demonstrate lower complication rates today compared to in the past. Brazilian butt lifts have a lower complication rate than buttock implants.


  • Results are immediately visible
  • Procedure is permanent
  • Minimal chance of rupturing


  • Long recovery time
  • Risk of capsular contracture – response from the immune system to foreign objects in the body, contributes to tightening of the scar tissue.
  • High risk of infection
  • Look and feel less natural
  • The bigger the implant, the higher the risks



Invasive treatment that requires outpatient surgery. Uses fat transfer, or fat grafting to improve the shape of the buttocks. Fat grafting is considered a safe, and simple procedure, especially in comparison with butt implants.

Fat is removed from other areas of the body with liposuction, purified and prepared for transfer, and injected back into the buttock to increase volume and improve shape.


  • Immediate results that are natural looking and feeling
  • Long-lasting results
  • Aesthetic fat reduction – liposuction to transfer excess fat into buttocks


  • A Brazilian butt lift requires adequate fat stores in order to do this procedure
  • Risk of infection
  • Fat necrosis – re-injected fat dies and the fat becomes lumpy and infected
  • Fat embolism – fat is released into the bloodstream



An alternative to surgical butt lifts and does not require surgery. Uses injectables to naturally lift and contour the buttocks by increasing collagen production in the body.


  • Subtle lift, natural looking results
  • Tightens skin which provides a smoother and more pleasing contour
  • Gradual results


  • Risk of infection
  • Small risk for lumps and bumps – Sculptra cannot dissolve like other fillers

What are Non-Surgical Butt Lifts?

non surgical butt lift sculptra butt lift

There has been a huge demand for gluteal augmentation using fillers. When it comes to cosmetic procedures, plastic surgery is a major deterrent for people.

The use of non-invasive treatments is becoming increasingly popular. People who were once hesitant about surgical procedures are showing a growing interest in fillers for buttocks.

Injectables are quick, painless treatments that enhance and promote physical beauty and delay aging. This method can be used for facial treatments, lip fillers, and butt lifts.

Non-surgical gluteal augmentation is a medical procedure uses injectables that lift, contour, and change the shape and size of your butt without surgery.

This procedure is ideal for any person who is looking to improve the shape, texture, and appearance of their buttocks.

Non-surgical buttock enlargement is especially beneficial for patients looking to avoid surgery or physical implants. Patients who are not candidates for Brazilian butt lifts, due to inadequate body fat, are also ideal candidates for “non-invasive Brazilian butt lifts”.

Furthermore, if you want to avoid the long recovery time associated with other surgical options, consider Galderma Sculptra butt injections for minimal recovery time and a gradual change.

Medical spas across the nation, such as Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center, are including buttock filler injections on their services.

Why Sculptra is Better for Non-invasive Butt Lifts

Galderma Sculptra uses poly-L-lactic acid rather than hyaluronic acid fillers, making it the filler best suitable for butt lifts.

Hyaluronic acid fillers pump volume into the skin, providing immediate but short-term results. Sculptra injectables are more effective as they increase your body’s natural production of collagen.

This triggers an inflammatory response and creates a combination of collagen and scar tissue that will lift and tighten your buttocks. The results gradually show but will last longer and look more natural.

Sculptra Aesthetic is currently only FDA-approved for the face. However, in recent years, Sculptra has been used as a butt lift treatment and is proven to have safe and effective results.

One study shows that 60% of patients on social media reported that they felt Sculptra was worth it.

Additionally, non-surgical butt lifts have no recovery time as patients experience little to no pain. Patients will see a noticeable difference three weeks after the first session. It takes 2-3 sessions to fully reach desired outcomes.

Why Should You Consider Butt Lifts?

non surgical butt lift

There are many factors that contribute to the consideration of butt lifts, such as:

  • Aging – Weakened gluteal muscles contribute to sagging and a decreased firmness to the buttocks
  • Sun Damage – Sun damage will contribute to brown spots, sagging, and wrinkles on the buttocks
  • Pregnancy – Pregnancy makes the pelvis tip forward, making it hard to engage the hamstrings, and results in a droopy butt.
  • Significant Fluctuations in Weight – If you lose weight, you will lose fat in the buttocks, which contribute to sagging. If you gain weight, you are more likely to have a droopy butt.
  • Genetic Factors – Contribute to poor tissue elasticity that can result in sagging of the buttocks

Is Sculptra Buttock Augmentation Right for You?

Sculptra buttock injections may be right for you if:

  • You are looking to avoid surgery or general anesthesia
  • You are looking to avoid scarring
  • You are not a candidate for Brazilian butt lifts
  • You are looking to avoid liposuction
  • You want subtle, gradual results that look real
  • You want long-term results, but not a permanent change
  • You are looking to improve the shape and appearance of your buttocks
  • You want to improve skin texture and irregularity
  • You are looking to reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks
  • You want minimal side effects/safety
  • You are looking to avoid recovery time

Sculptra may not be right for you if:

  • You want to see a drastic difference
  • You want immediate results
  • You want permanent results

Process of Sculptra Buttock Injections

|Steps for Sculptra Buttock Injections:

  1. Prepare the Sculptra a few days before injection. Reconstitute the poly-L-lactic acid powder with sterile water so it is available for injection and allows for a well-absorbed product.
  2. Numb the area of injection with a topical agent.
  3. Insert a blunt tip cannula into the buttocks area. Inject the product in the deep dermis where collagen is produced.
  4. After 3 weeks the powder has been absorbed. This stimulates the deep dermis to produce collagen.
  5. Depending on the desired level of augmentation, patients require about three treatments. Final results will be seen 6 months after the procedure.

Additional Treatments:

While the Sculptra butt lift is an excellent technique, many offices will offer additional treatments in conjunction with Sculptra injections to improve the overall look of the buttocks.

Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center (BHRC) has over ten years of experience as an aesthetic medspa and offers a wide range of top-of-the-line devices available for optimal results.

BHRC contours, lifts, and rejuvenates the buttocks by using biostimulatory fillers like Galderma Sculptra in conjunction with other treatments to promote immediate and lasting results.

These additional treatments include:

  • Merz Radiesse – A filler that lifts and contours the butt and stimulates collagen growth, providing an immediate result of filling and lift in the buttocks.
  • Merz Ultherapy – Uses ultrasound micro-focused heat wave energy to improve fine lines and wrinkles which boosts collagenesis. Research shows that microfocused ultrasound is a safe method to lift, tighten, and smooth the buttocks.
  • Exilis – Uses radio frequency technology to melt fat and tighten skin in the buttocks, which boosts collagenesis.
  • Microneedling/PRP – PRP is used to improve overall skin tone and texture as well as reduce fine lines, stretch marks, and wrinkles.
  • Growth Factor Serums – Used to boost collagen and firm the buttocks by removing fine lines and wrinkles.

While some medical spas only offer Sculptra treatments, BHRC finds that the best results come from a combination of the treatments listed above. BHRC has skilled advanced master injectors and providers who have at least 10 years of injectable experience. They have a strong skill set in combination treatments that are proven to show better results than their competitors.

Risks and Side Effects of Non-Surgical Buttock Injections

Butt fillers have few risks and side effects in comparison to butt implants and Brazilian butt lifts. They are considered the safest procedure for butt lifts.

Some risks and side effects include:

  • Minimal soreness and bruising in the treatment area – Most common side effect that typically resides after a few days
  • Risk of infection – Needles always have a rare risk for infection; occurs when the filler gets into blood vessels
  • Risk of lumps & bumps – Sculptra does not dissolve like other fillers; rare risk where lumps and bumps occur in the buttocks until the effects of Sculptra fade or surgery removes affected areas

Sculptra Butt Lift: Before and After

BHRC Testimonial:

“I wanted a more volumized, rounder, and lifted butt. This was important to me because I work out a lot and toning my butt has been something I’ve been focusing on. I ultimately decided to get a Sculptra Butt Lift at Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center.

The experience only took about two hours and I did three treatments to get the results I have today. I was numbed with lidocaine injections so I felt nothing during the entire treatment.

Immediately after, I was a little sore and bruised from the injections. I had to massage the treatment area five times a day for five days following the procedure. Once the collagen began to stimulate the area, I noticed that my cellulite and stretch marks had disappeared and my butt had lifted quite a bit.

It has now been one year since my first treatment and I am still seeing the benefits from the Sculptra injections. The tone and texture of my skin has had vast improvement and my butt is still lifted. I find myself working my glutes more at the gym now so I can maintain the look I achieved with Sculptra Butt Lift.

I am so happy I did this treatment because it gave me the look I was after. I feel more confident when I am wearing swimsuits and gym clothes. I am so thrilled with the appearance that I brought all thong swimsuits when I went on a Miami vacation!

I highly recommend this treatment to anyone looking to add some volume and lift or address cellulite and stretch marks.”


Common Questions People Ask:

  • How long does it take to see results?

3-4 weeks after the first treatment is when a change is first noticed. 2-4 weeks after the second session, a more noticeable growth can be seen. A few weeks after the 3rd session is when the full effect will take place.

  • How much do you need?

This is dependent on the desired outcome, and the size, shape, and texture of the patient’s buttocks. A minimum of 5 vials per butt cheek is recommended for the first session.

  • How many treatments does it take to see the results patients desire?

It is recommended that patients have 2-3 treatments to reach fully desired outcomes.

  • Are there permanent fillers for buttocks?

No, there are no permanent fillers for buttocks. Currently, the only permanent solution for butt lifts is through butt implants.

  • How long do Sculptra buttocks last?

2-3 years. It is recommended that you get one treatment once a year for maintenance. This will stimulate collagen growth and creates lasting effects.

  • What is the cost?

Sculptra vials are competitively priced based on area. Each vial typically costs $850-$1200. Most offices will use a minimum of 10 vials per session.

  • Is it painful?

Patients will experience little to no pain during this procedure.

  • Will exercise affect a Sculptra butt lift?

Exercise will not affect your Sculptra treatment. However, it is recommended that patients avoid exercise 1-2 days after treatment.

What to Expect Before the Procedure:

Before you start treatments, you should schedule a consultation to see if injectable fillers for buttocks are right for you.

Ask your doctors any questions or concerns you have to ease your nerves. It is important that the doctor you choose has the experience and confidence needed to perform this procedure.

Be prepared to discuss your medical history with your doctor.

Ensure that you have realistic expectations of this procedure by asking your doctor the necessary questions. Discuss your goals and desired final results with your doctor.

Questions to Ask Your Doctor:

  • What are the risks and complications associated with Sculptra butt lifts?
  • What are the benefits of non-invasive butt lift treatments?
  • Am I a good candidate for Sculptra buttock augmentation?
  • What qualifications do you have to perform this procedure?
  • What is the optimal way to achieve the results that I want?
  • Will you use additional treatments in conjunction with Sculptra?
  • What should I expect during the procedure?
  • What should I expect after the procedure?
  • How often will I need to come back for touchups?

What to Expect During the Procedure:

During the procedure, the doctor will mark the injection sites on the patient. The procedure can be performed both standing up and laying down on your stomach.

Refer to the section on the “Process of Sculptra Buttock Injections” to learn the step-by-step procedural process of Sculptra buttock augmentation.

The doctor will apply a topical numbing agent before injecting Sculptra into the targeted sites of injection. It will take several injections to get the Sculptra solution adequately distributed into the buttocks.

The procedure is fairly quick and will take anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour.

What to Expect After the Procedure:

There is no recovery time following this procedure. The patient may experience soreness and bruising within the first few days. Risks associated with this procedure are extremely low.

The results will be gradual and are not likely to be noticed immediately following the procedure. A majority of patients see a noticeable lift around three weeks after the first session.

Your buttocks will appear more youthful, full, lifted, and contoured. Patients are expected to feel a boost in self-esteem, increased confidence, and increased happiness.

It is important that patients follow up with 2 other sessions in order to see the maximum results.

Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center is the premier anti-aging & medical spa with over ten years of experience. We offer a wide range of top of the line devices dedicated to providing optimal results. BHRC has skilled advanced master injectors and providers who have a strong skill set in combination treatments and offer reliable provider-to-patient support throughout

BHRC is rapidly expanding and has locations nationwide. If you would like more information about butt lifts and pricing, contact us or schedule a consultation with our providers.


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