Vanquish ME

The all-new non-invasive, highly effective fat removal and lax skin treatment that’s proven to Vanquish fat and cellulite for good, all with a procedure that is performed while you sit and relax.



Vanquish ME is the most sophisticated device to deliver fat-burning, radio frequency (RF) energy on the market today.


Vanquish ME is a new treatment that uses radiofrequency energy to heat fat cells, destroying them completely. The skin and tissue are monitored carefully so you will not be burned during the process!



The fat cells in the treated area are eliminated from your body permanently. They will not regenerate, so you can see permanent results with only occasional fluctuations after being treated! If you live a healthy lifestyle you can avoid new fat tissue from being generated.

About Vanquish ME

The BTL Vanquish ME body contouring system offered by Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center represents the most sophisticated device to deliver radio frequency (RF) energy on the market today. The treatments are safe for people of all ages who are showing lax skin, leading to typical signs of aging, or want to remove fat in problem areas where exercise and diet have become ineffective. It is a great option for those people looking for the aesthetic improvements that traditional surgical procedures offer, but who don’t want to incur the prohibitive cost or extensive recovery time.

The Science Behind Vanquish ME

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Image Source: BTL Aesthetics

The  treatment is so effective, because it is able to use radio-frequency (RF) energy that is specifically tuned to target your fat cells. This is made possible because the electrical impedance of various tissue layers changes – enough for the high-tech equipment to be used to target them separately. This means that the BTL Vanquish ME machine is able to match and target its thermal energy into the impedance range of your fat tissue, targeting only your fat, and not your skin and underlying organs.

The result? The procedure is able to trigger heat induced apoptosis – a deliberate elimination of your fat cells, and a reduction in fat around the treated area.

Vanquish Fat, Fast!

The Vanquish ME treatment system is able to produce results, fast. Depending on the condition treated, the typical number of treatments required is between 2 to 6 sessions, scheduled 7 to 14 days apart.

In many cases, our patients have reported visible results as soon as a few days after treatment using Vanquish ME. It is more common to see visible improvements up to 6 months after your first treatment session.

To achieve the best results, we recommend that you follow the in-between treatment instructions that your qualified BHRC practitioner provides you during your consultation, and maintain a healthy diet which includes drinking plenty of water.

BHRC: Your Local Vanquish Specialist

Our experience with the contouring system allows us to use the technology with decisive effectiveness. Many of our clients have reported that their treatment session is extremely comfortable, with a warmth in the treated area similar to that of the relaxing warmth of a hot stone massage. Better yet, there is no anesthesia, medication or downtime required for the Vanquish ME treatment. We’ve found the treatment to be ideal for clients in the 21 years or older age bracket, who are up to approximately 20 pounds overweight, and who desire the results of body shaping but without the cost and recovery of traditional surgical methods.

What makes the technology so remarkable, is its ability to treat your whole abdominal area – from flank to flank – rather than isolated spots like other devices on the market. In this way, you achieve a more intense, more effective treatment session, every time.

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