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Kim Kanner wrote about her BHRC experience for Malibu Magazine. “No one can turn back time, but giving my body back what it needs to be healthy allows it to respond by looking better, feeling younger and enriching every part of my life.” Written by Kim Kanner

I was a fitness model for many years. I had graced the covers of numerous fitness publications, and articles were written about me in magazines like Muscle & Fitness and Ironman. I was even written about in Bill Phillips’ #1 book, Body For Life. I had always been in great shape and prided myself on my health and appearance. I hadn’t given much thought to the aging process and the effect it has on our bodies — until my body started to change. Even though I dedicated much of my time and energy to being healthy (weight training three times a week, cardio training five to six days a week, and of course, eating right) my body was going through some very disturbing changes. I was suffering from sleep deprivation, water retention, mood swings and PMS — which I never had before. My body fat was increasing, I had sugar cravings and a low libido, I was more frequently sick, I had memory loss, thinning hair, dry skin and I felt cold all the time. With all my fitness knowledge, experience and a lifetime of living healthy, how could my body be changing like this? I knew something had to be very wrong, so I visited my physician. I was told, “You’re 40 and that’s life!” That wasn’t an answer I was willing to accept. I decided to take my body into my own hands.

I went to the Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center where they specialize in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and vitamin supplementation.

I was given a consultation where I learned the symptoms of hormonal decline and the profound effect it has on our health. I learned how hormones accomplish their tasks through a delicate balancing act, working in harmony with each other at just the right levels. When their balance is lost, however, a hormone deficiency or excess can cause health disorders, including a host of mental and physiological symptoms and disease.

Common symptoms of a hormonal imbalance are weight gain, water retention, lack of energy, mental fogginess, low libido or dysfunction, dry skin, sleep disorders and thinning hair.

Both men and women experience hormonal decline typically starting in their mid-to-late 30s. I also learned there is a very real and significant difference between bioidentical hormones and synthetic hormones made by pharmaceutical companies. Bioidentical hormones have the exact molecular structure as those made in the human body. In other words, the two are indistinguishable from each other. Bioidentical hormones produce the same physiologic response as the body’s natural hormones. They can be extracted and derived from a variety of different sources such as plants like soy and yams. Sometimes, a bio-identical hormone is combined with another completely synthetic, non-bioidentical hormone and the results are often advertised as a natural product. “Natural” does not necessarily mean bio-identical.

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After my consultation, I had an exam with the medical director at BHRC that included a very extensive blood workup. My blood work revealed that my hormones were out of balance. The medical director at BHRC created a specialized hormone replacement therapy program for me based on my lab results and the symptoms I was having.

I started taking bioidentical hormones to replenish what my body was no longer able to produce at youthful levels.

I noticed a positive change within three days, and within six weeks, I got my body back. I’m now a 40-year-old woman who feels like she did when she was 20. I’ve experienced reduced body fat with increased muscle mass, my energy has increased and I have younger looking skin, a strengthened immune system, hair re-growth and a greater sense of well being. After starting my treatment with BHRC, I’ve referred dozens of men and women. Many men have even better and faster results than the women. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy has helped me and many others safely get our health and vitality back. No one can turn back time. But giving my body back what it needs to be healthy allows it to respond by looking better, feeling younger and enriching every part of my life. Now every day feels like a sunny day in Malibu.

Kim Kramer
Original Post Date: 
October 22, 2013
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June 20, 2022
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