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Looking for a profitable business franchise? Why us? Learn about the BHRC franchise model, and see if you match up with the goals of our award-winning medical spa businesses opening right across the U.S.


  • BHRC is time tested, founded in 2005
  • 1st year average unit sales - $1,423,537
  • 2021 average unit sales – $1,704,029
  • EBIDTA as high as 27.9%
  • 5 corporate locations
  • 18 franchised locations open with many more locations under contract

Why Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center?

To Combine the Art of Beauty and The Science of Youth

The Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center franchise uniquely combines non-surgical aesthetic enhancements and medical treatments that improve both our clients’ health and appearance. Our clients look better, feel better, and experience what it’s like to age beautifully. Since 2005, our business model has been the perfect diversification plan for seasoned entrepreneurs and physicians seeking a cutting edge offering in a rapidly growing market that currently exceeds $58.5 billion/year.

Founders of Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center Dan Holtz & Devin Haman
Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center Logo - Nile Blue
Dan Holtz
Devin Haman
EST. 2005

Our Founders’ Story

Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center was founded in 2005 by Dan Holtz and Devin Haman, both longtime fitness enthusiasts and known as ‘Wellness Experts to the Stars’ of Hollywood.

Despite being remarkably healthy, both gentlemen began to notice the effects of aging in terms of increased body fat, a reduced immune system response, and a decline in hormone levels. As time progressed, other symptoms such as reduced energy, minor aches and pains, extended recovery times and loss of sleep were identified.

Both gentlemen agreed; people need not accept a decline in their quality of life.

Together they set a goal to ‘pause’ the effects of aging then combined the technology and experts needed to succeed.

Today Dan and Devin own several Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Centers and have begun sharing their success with others through franchising across the nation, and soon across the globe.

How Does It Work

Since 2005, advances by medical science related to managing the aging process have been nothing short of phenomenal.  Standing on the shoulders of remarkable physicians, the founders of Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center created a suite of non-surgical, minimally invasive services that improve our client’s health and appearance. When clients look and feel better, they are more confident, active and experience a better quality of life overall.

Of course, every Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center is supervised by a Medical Doctor, either as an owner, Medical Director, or employee. Centers also employ the right mix of licensed medical providers to maximize both results and safety by adhering to all local and state regulations. Finally the products and equipment at each center are best in class, second to none.

Our service offering includes:

Who We Serve

Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center operates in a segment of the beauty industry known as ‘medical aesthetics’. According to Amspa 2022, the non-invasive aesthetic industry in the U.S. is estimated to exceed $23B by 2025 while experiencing annual growth in excess of 12%.  Once thought to attract mostly female clients, the medical aesthetics industry has realized a 24% increase in males ages 18 to 34.

There are two primary motivations for clients to seek our services:

  1. Explore a conservative approach to early interruption of the aging process and,
  2. The desire to slow a process that has already begun.

Our core client base ranges in age from 28 to 50+ years although we service many clients beyond the age of 50. With an average visit cost of approximately $536 we serve a broad socio-economic range.  Further, our services are specifically designed to address the needs of many ethnicities making our client demographic very broad.

Clock Icon

Those looking
for early
interruption of
the aging process.

Process Icon

Those desiring to slow a process that has already begun.

Age Range Icon

Aged 28 to 50+ years old.

Male Clients Icon

32% increase in male clients since 2010.

A Remarkable Success

Today there are Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Centers operating in:




New Jersey


The estimated initial investment in a Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center Franchise ranges between $698,600 - $1,222,500. To make this investment you will need a minimum of $250,000 in cash and a minimum net worth of $1M. Welcome to the Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center Franchise. We look forward to working together as you investigate our offering.

BHRC Franchise Map

Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center Tour

In 2017, we dramatically redesigned the look and feel of our locations to provide new and returning clients a comfortable, relaxing and safe environment during their visits. Your Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center will have a similar appeal and contain only state- of- the -art equipment and the most current technology to ensure visible results that exceed your client’s expectations.

Business Model and Opportunity

While our services demonstrate dramatic, visible results, as with most services targeting health and appearance, they must be repeated and maintained. Our model is designed to create a base of clients who return regularly and who become advocates for our brand.

We are faithful to providing the best in client care. Our staff of experts is dedicated to understanding each client’s personal goals then selecting and delivering the combination of treatments that provide the most effective results. Each Center is supervised by a licensed medical doctor and supported by a staff of qualified medical providers.

We operate in a small footprint of approximately 2,000 square feet using only state-of-the-art equipment and the highest quality of products. You receive the benefit of nationally negotiated product pricing not available to the competition.

For Medical Doctors, a Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center Franchise offers unique opportunities currently in private practice including:

  • Develop a new client base that may also frequent your medical practice
  • Avoid the influence and pressure on your practice from major insurance carriers
  • Eliminate the cost and delay resulting from accounts receivable collections
  • Eliminate overhead costs associated with managing insurance providers.
  • While we can assist you with understanding and complying with local regulations, it is your responsibility to research and adhere to all local and state laws.

For Seasoned Entrepreneurs, a Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center Franchise offers:

  • The opportunity to capitalize on the growth of a new niche in the well-established beauty industry
  • Conquer the competition by being first to market with the leading brand in the category
  • Enjoy increasing sales serving the two largest consumer segments in the U.S. – Millennials and Baby Boomers
  • Capitalize on product and equipment savings of tens of thousands of dollars through a network of vendors and nationally negotiated pricing.
  • While we can assist you with understanding and complying with local regulations, it is your responsibility to research and adhere to local and state laws.

Support Services Available to Franchise Owners

  • Real Estate – our real estate professionals will assist with market and site selection, consult with you regarding lease negotiation, visit your site during construction to provide a progress report and to ensure your Center presents our dramatic brand and image.
  • Equipment and Product Supply – we regularly negotiate product prices with vendors providing you the benefits of our volume based discounts that are unmatched in the industry.
  • Professional Training – we provide the highest level of quality care and business operations training to franchise owners and their staff.  Training programs are conducted by our support team both at our training facility and your Center.  On-going field training programs are provided by manufacturer representatives.
  • Marketing Expertise – our marketing professionals have developed and tested a library of proven consumer promotions and the media strategies needed to encourage consumer trial and to build a base of loyal, high repeat clients.  They will assist you in budgeting, planning and executing a local marketing strategy from the Grand Opening Red Carpet event to on-going monthly advertising.
  • Launch Process – based upon the multiple Centers we opened since 2005, we developed a comprehensive New Center Launch process addressing every element of success from establishing your corporate entity to providing only the highest quality service, marketing execution and profitability management.  The process begins the moment you become a Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center Franchise owner.

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