Malia Ah Choy Esthetician

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Malia Ah Choy


Malia Ah Choy L.E.  brings over two decades of experience in Aesthetics working with top integrative medicine and aesthetic doctors in Beverly Hills.  Growing up on the beaches in Waikiki seeing the oxidative effects of the sun on the skin had a profound effect on her approach to skin care. Malia has extensive training in advanced face and body treatments. Her integrated approach to skin care focuses on proper hormone balance, nutrition and supplementation. Malia believes in treating the whole body from the inside out.

“Once the body is corrected and running properly only then can the proper aesthetic treatments be successful and long lasting.” Kristen “Malia” Ah Choy


Malia’s specialty is working with menopausal effects on the skin as well as hormonal acne.


Malia’s favorite BHRC treatment is Morpheous8 because there is no downtime with incredible results.


A fun fact about Malia is she loves Tiki Bars!

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